Headquartered in Tokyo, Taiken Japan is an English-language website featuring articles about tourism in Japan. Started in August 2014, Taiken Japan offers information about sightseeing destinations, cultural experiences both traditional and modern, festivals, onsen, restaurants and more to make visitors’ trips to Japan the best possible.

In Japanese, “Taiken” means “to personally experience things,” and we hope this site will serve as a gateway to fantastic experiences on your next trip to Japan!

Japan has a lot to offer to visitors, and we are now recruiting talented freelance writers to help us cover the many attractions of the country. We generally request original articles of 500 words or more (in English), primarily aimed at foreigners visiting Japan. Possible topics include sightseeing destinations, events, traditional and popular culture, uniquely Japanese things, and so on. We are also always in need of good photos to show off the allure of Japan, so shutterbugs are especially encouraged to apply!

If you are interested, please fill out the below application after checking the requirements!


  • be creative
  • have an excellent command of written English
  • be interested in Japan travel and Japanese culture
  • enjoy keeping up to date with events and new attractions
  • be currently living in Japan
  • have a Japanese bank account


Per article basis.

Application Form